Level Up: From Elementary to Pre-Intermediate!

With excitement and joy, "Winnerz of the World" want to share a significant milestone in our language learning journey. We have successfully completed the Elementary level and are now advancing to the next stage - Pre-Intermediate!

Having finished Elementary, we realized how far we've come in our exploration of the English language. We've overcome various challenges, learned fundamental grammar structures, and enriched our vocabulary.

Our mutual understanding has grown stronger, and we've gained confidence in communicating in English. It has been an engaging and amazing journey, and we thank our teachers and classmates for their support every step of the way.

Now, standing at the threshold of Pre-Intermediate, we eagerly look forward to new challenges and opportunities for growth. We want to deepen our knowledge, improve our conversational skills, and broaden our abilities in comprehending and using English.

With the new level comes fresh opportunities for creativity, and we're excited to apply our knowledge in real-life situations and showcase ourselves at this higher level.

We are ready to embrace new challenges boldly and continue our incredible journey in the world of the English language. And with the support and enthusiasm of our team "Winnerz of the World," we believe nothing stands in our way to success!

We'll keep you updated on our achievements and adventures at the new level. Stay with us and share in our excitement and joy that this amazing language learning journey brings us.